At Lingua we understand business. We know how important business relationships are and how much they depend on good communication.

All our projects are handled by a team of highly qualified professionals whose aim is to provide you with the best translations, so that your business can reach further and language is not an obstacle.

Whether written or spoken, it is important that messages are well translated, as any kind of error in the wording or translation of our texts can affect the image of your brand, cause financial losses or even give rise to lawsuits.

Hence, concepts must be adequately translated into other languages, respecting the norms and styles of each culture.

This is what a language service company brings to the table in terms of quality and reliability compared to online translation tools that simply provide a literal word for word translation. After all, in addition to the usual challenges arising from the differences between languages, a translation must also take social and cultural equivalence into account, a task that, at least for now, can only be done by a human being.

Word packages

For companies with a large volume of texts to translate, we offer word packages.

These are purchased in advance and do not have an expiration date, making them perfect for clients who need translations frequently or very urgently, or for clients who do not have all of the text files required at the same time. In this way, each time we receive a new text, we avoid having to send a quote and wait for it to be accepted; we can start translating as soon as we receive the file.

Moreover, from time to time we remind our clients how many words are left, ensuring that they are always aware of how many more texts they can order.

Our most efficient service for clients who do not have a second to waste.

Volume discounts

At Lingua we place great value on loyalty, offering discounts for those clients who order translations on a regular basis.

In addition, the more matches we find when we analyse the texts with our memories and glossaries from the first translations, the more words we can discount; yet another way to save money.

SEO/Alt tags analysis

When translating business content, it is often due to a desire to attract more customers or to open up to other markets.

For content intended to be published on the web, SEO is essential to take into account and to optimise our positioning in the main search engines.

In this kind of projects, rather than translating keywords into another language, we offer a keyword analysis in the target language. Consequently, we can use these terms when translating and attract more visitors to your website.

If you are interested in this service, do not hesitate to contact us.

Specific glossaries

Our translation agency uses specific software that enables us to create different glossaries and memories adapted to each of our clients and projects.

This is a common practice in our profession that not only serves to ensure term consistency in the same text and in future translations, but also allows several translators to work on the same assignment at the same time, thus shortening delivery times.


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