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Professional translation requires considerably more than simply speaking two languages. Rather, it involves finding equivalent meanings. The aim is for a translated text to have the same effect on the reader as it had on the recipient of the original text: rather than a literal translation, it should convey the real meaning of the text, taking into account everything that surrounds it.

At Lingua we specialise in matching words together, like in a puzzle.


Nobody can know everything. That is why at Lingua we offer language editing services and consultancy. You provide us with the content, and we shape it so that the information reaches your customers in the best possible form.


Writing involves typos and errors. They can be harmless, such as typos or typographical errors, or more serious, such as editorial errors in scientific articles written in English – that get them rejected by journals.

Lingua offers proofreading and revision services to ensure you always send or publish the best possible version of your text.


When the source text is oral and not written, it is called interpreting rather than translating.

At Lingua we offer interpreting services in a wide variety of languages. Our team is experienced and provides services nationally and internationally. Hiring an interpreter for a large conference or a two-person meeting will always add value for the attendees.



Prior to the reception of the documents and the signing of the quote, Lingua always provides its clients with a Non-Disclosure Agreement covering all the collaborators involved in the project.

Personalised quote

To estimate the cost of an order, we analyse the original documents and make an itemised word count. This way we are able to discount all the repetitions and proper nouns and offer you a quote tailored to each individual case.

We are professionals

Real, qualified translators.
At Lingua we only work with highly qualified and experienced professional translators, thus being able to which allows us to respond to meet all the needs of our clients


We use Trados Studio, a leading CAT tool on the market, to translate, revise and manage the projects of our clients with the utmost efficiency and security.

The confidentiality of the information we receive and data protection are of utmost importance to us, which is why we all work with Apple devices and have our own server and cloud. When it comes to security, we don't skimp.

In addition, Lingua Int has a professional liability insurance
of €1,000,000, which provides us and our clients with extra peace of mind in the event of any incident.

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